Carrot ml


Carrot confiture by Nectar AgroFarm is love from the first spoon. Unusual and healthy dessert that will surprise you with its excellent taste. You will like our confiture with a jelly-like texture as much as a fruit or berry one. And it will promote your health even more than fruit or berry confiture Carrots are known to be very high in beta carotene, which strengthens the eye retina. In addition, carrots improve noticeably the gastrointestinal tract activity. So our confiture spread on sandwiches and eaten in the morning will not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and all nutrients will be quickly absorbed. Ingredients: Carrots, chili peppers, sugar, honey, salt, spices and herbs, citric acid, natural apple and citrus pectin.

АгроФерма "Нектар"

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