About Us

Nectar AgroFarm was established in 2018.

We offer exceptionally healthy products from the heart of Siberia. Our apiaries are located in environmentally friendly areas of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where bees collect nectar from unique Siberian plants and medicinal herbs. Therefore, our honey is distinguished by its unique quality, aroma and therapeutic effect on the body.

The apiaries are located in the Berezovsky, Yemelyanovsky, Irbeysky and Kansky Districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Wild plants are collected in the Irbeysky and Berezovsky Districts. The manufacturing facilities are located in Krasnoyarsk.


Over several years of operating, we have mastered new technologies, worked out the process, and learned to manufacture products in greater volumes without affecting quality, not adding food coloring or preservatives.

Quality is maintained from the recipe development to the product packaging.


We produce:

 -       Honey and hive products;

-       Taiga berry, fruit and vegetable confitures;

-       Varenye (a kind of jam) made of cedar and pine cones and sprouts;

-       Pine and cedar candied fruits;

-       Soft and low-alcohol drinks;

Gift Sets.