Fireweed Tea fermented g


Ivan-tea or Fireweed is known in Russia from the early times. It was used like modern black tea long before black tea appeared in Russia. Fireweed tea is known for its health-promoting properties. It is high in about 70 health-improving substances and elements that can help in colds and viral diseases treatment. Fireweed tea has many useful properties: • increases immune resistance; • removes toxins from the body; • has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects; • promotes wound healing, relieves skin irritation; • restores sleep. Sayan Tsvetnick Company produces fermented large-leaf Ivan-tea in its pure form and with various additives: Ivan-tea with thyme, with Sagan-Daylya, with currants, oregano, mint and meadowsweet. Cooking method: brew up 1 teaspoon of a tea per 200 ml, 90°C water temperature, brew for 10-15 minutes. Contra-indications: • Individual intolerance; • Allergy; • Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, children.

Саянский цветник

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